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(Chinese New Year Feature) What will the Metal Rat Year bring for us in year 2020?

The Pig Year is coming to an end, which leads us to the year of the Rat -the smart and intuitive animal that came first in the Zodiac race. Traditionally, the rat is associated with the following traits: energetic, flexible, optimistic, wise, charming, and creative, with strong survival abilities, good adaptability, and strong personality. While the Chinese celebrate the Lunar New Year on 25 Jan 2020, according to the Chinese Farmer calendar (万年历), the first day of spring, Li Chun (立春), commences on 4 Feb 2020.

This Metal Rat Year encompasses the following combination of elements:

As can be seen, Earth and Metal elements are relatively strong. This implies that Earth- and Metal-related industries will perform well, although competition can be expected within Earth industries. Even though water-related industries may seem weak, one can harness the support available for expansion and new growth. Comparatively, Fire- and Wood-related industries will face tough challenges ahead.

Metal-related industries include finance, jewellery, railway, hardware, machinery, motor vehicles, and minerals. Earth-related industries include real estate, construction, mining, civil engineering, and law. Water-related industries include logistics, shipping, tourism, journalism, fishery, advertising, arts, spa, laundry, swimming sports, and medical (doctors, nurses, etc.). Fire-related industries include oil, IT, airlines, communication, food, and chemical processing. Wood-related industries include agriculture, nurseries, gardening, furniture, decorations, cafes, catering, books/publishing, and education.

We can draw references from major events that occurred in 1960 - which was also the Metal Rat Year - to predict what 2020 may bring. Similar to 1960, signs of instability can be expected. Natural disasters that devastated the world in 1960 - like earthquake, landslide, forest fire, hurricane, and storm – can occur. Let’s pray that the catastrophic effects of rail, air and fire related accidents are also minimised.

Economic challenges such as recession and unexpected crisis from external sources may arise. Before these challenges spiral out of control, leaders should step up and resolve issues, such as by forming alliances and harnessing the commitment, cooperative efforts, and support from the masses. This can even engender new possibilities for greater success. Intuition and good survival abilities will help individuals embark on new challenges, albeit with lack of stability. Caution: avoid unnecessary new initiatives that will exhaust your resources. Exercise precaution and be patient. As long as one does not act childishly and impulsively, and instead, listen attentively and observe carefully, what may seem challenging will eventually take a positive turn with signs of relief, placing you in an advantageous. Consider carefully before committing to something or initiating a new venture. It can be beneficial to pause for a moment and reflect. Past achievements will give you confidence to achieve new objectives and goals.

Health-wise, individuals should pay greater attention to stomach, spleen, lung, respiratory, and skin issues, and seek medical help whenever necessary. Based on the rat’s characteristics, night activities can increase. However, you are advised to avoid excessive night social activities, especially food indulgence at night.

The luck that Metal Rat Year will bring you largely depends your individual Bazi (八字), which is derived from your birth dates & time. Feel free to get in touch with Master Koh at ivankoh2004@yahoo.com.sg for a personal consultation.

Will there be any changes to my house Feng Shui in 2020?

Yes, there will be changes in the surrounding energy that affect most houses. The Flying Stars analysis is a common practice that can explain the types of energy flow within the environment. The annual formation of stars begins on 4 Feb 2020.

The numbers in each of the nine squares in the chart above represent the stars. By superimposing this chart onto your house or office layout, you will be able to interpret the energies and their effects on your house. Emphasis should be given to the main door, bedrooms, and kitchen stove. The stars can be interpreted as the following:

Star 1: a positive star and benefits career

Star 2: a negative star and can cause sickness

Star 3: a negative star and can cause argument

Star 4: a neutral star and benefits academic, romance

Star 5: most negative star and can cause misfortune

Star 6: a neutral star but when combine with negative star can have legal issues

Star 7: a negative star and can be robbed or involved in scandal

Star 8: most positive star and benefits career promotion & good wealth

Star 9: a positive star and can have happy activities

You should avoid the sector with most negative star, 5, which is the East sector of your house, and enhance the most positive star 8, which is located in the Northwest sector of your house. You can also enhance the other positive sectors, in the Northeast and Southeast.

You should also consider the annual afflictions such as Tai Sui (太岁) & San Sha (三杀). It is advisable to keep these sectors undisturbed, and avoid any major renovation in these sectors during the year. If unavoidable, mitigate the negative effect by selecting an auspicious date to commence those activities.

The Tai Sui will be at the north sector. It is okay to sit in this sector, but you should avoid facing towards this direction. The San Sha will be at the south sector. You should avoid sitting in this sector, but facing this direction is okay.

The above interpretations can be useful as general guide. It is also important to consider the basic fundamental of the house trigram and enhance its individual sectors elements. However, if you feel that there are recurring issues affecting house occupants, you are advised to seek help from those who have undergone proper training to analyse the Flying Star chart in greater detail. Do not hesitate to get in touch with Master Koh at ivankoh2004@yahoo.com.sg for a chat.

Here’s wishing all a Happy Chinese New Year and prosperous 2020.