(Guest Post) Feng Shui Predictions for 2019

What will the earth pig year bring for us in year 2019?

The dog year is coming towards its end, and another zodiac animal pig will soon arrive. The animal, pig, is traditionally symbolised for intelligence, relaxation, caution, joy, honest, knowledgeable, smart, kind, reliable, and insecure. The Chinese celebrates their lunar new year on 5 Feb 2019 and most would think it is the arrival of pig year. However, according to the Chinese Farmer calendar, the New Year actually starts on 4 Feb 2019 at horse hour. It is a earth pig year and has the following combination of elements:

Looking at the formation of the year elements, you can observe that the fire and water elements are relatively strong. Based on the year’s element formation, fire and water related industries will perform well. While fire industries may face more competition, they can reap high rewards. Earth related industries may seem weak, but they can gain support in expanding with new growth. Metal and wood related industries will be weak and can experience more challenges.

Examples of wood related industries are agriculture, nurseries, gardening, furniture, decorations, cafes, catering, books/publishing.

Metal related industries include finance, jewellery, railway, hardware, machinery, motor vehicles, minerals.

Fire related industries include oil, IT, airlines, communication, food, chemical process.

Water related industries include logistics services, shipping, fishery, advertising, arts, spa, laundry, swimming sports, medicines, doctors/nurses.

Earth related industries include real estate properties, construction, mining, civil engineering, lawyers.

We can also look back for major events that had happened in year 1959, which was also the 'earth pig' year. For 2019, similar happenings involving extreme weather conditions can be expected, such as severe drought or flooding causing famine. Similarly, natural disasters like earthquake or landslide, forest fire, hurricane, and storm can be expected. Accidents related to shipwreck, rail crash, air plane crash and mine explosion can also be expected. Let’s pray that catastrophic effects are minimal.

The coming earth pig year also symbolises 'knowledgeable' and 'trustworthiness'. In general, intelligence and knowledge will facilitate one in achieving great things. However, there can be a tendency to give up easily when facing challenges. Hence, cultivating patience and endurance are key to achieving one's goals.

Health areas that require more attention include the heart, eye, lung and skin related issues --seek medical advice whenever necessary. Also, avoid excessive exposure to sun without protective screen.

The year may begin with a sign of stability, growth, and smooth sailing. Take advantage of the situation and stay focus with your vision and dream. Nevertheless, be wary that things may fall apart for new possibilities, and even worsen. One may encounter instability and difficulties as the months progress. Avoid starting unnecessary new ventures that utilise all your resources. For project on hands, act with caution and patience; things will eventually transform to your advantage, with signs of relief. Things may appear difficult, but it will turn successful as long as one acts cautiously and be wary of issues. Move on and never lose sight of your objectives and goals. The luck that earth pig year will bring for you largely depends your individual Bazi, which is derived from your birth dates & time.

Will there be any changes to my house Feng Shui in 2019?

Yes, there will be changes in the types of energy to your surroundings and will affect most houses. Let me explain the types of energy that changes around your environment by using the flying stars analysis which is commonly practice nowadays. The flying stars information can also be easily found on the Internet.

The annual formation of the stars begins on 4 Feb 2019, and the stars are symbolised by numbers, located on the nine squares as shown above. By superimposing the squares onto your house or office layout, you will be able to interpret the energies and its effects on your house. Emphasis should be given to the main door, bedrooms, and kitchen stove. The meaning of the stars is interpreted in simple term as follows:

Star 1: a positive star and benefits career

Star 2: a negative star and can cause sickness

Star 3: a negative star and can cause argument

Star 4: a neutral star and benefits academic, romance

Star 5: most negative star and can cause misfortune

Star 6: a neutral star but when combine with negative star can have legal issues

Star 7: a negative star and can be robbed or involved in scandal

Star 8: most positive star and benefits career promotion & good wealth

Star 9: a positive star and can have happy activities

You should avoid the most negative 'star 5 sector', which is the southwest sector of your house, and enhance the most positive star 8 sector, which is the central of your house.

Another factor to consider, is the annual afflictions such as Tai Sui & San Sha. It is advisable to keep these sectors undisturbed and avoid any major renovation or ground breaking to your house on these sectors during the year. If absolutely unavoidable, you should at the very least mitigate its bad effects by selecting a good date to start with.

The Tai Sui is located at the northwest sector. It is generally okay to sit in this sector, but you should avoid facing towards this direction. The San Sha will be at the west sector. You should try to avoid sitting at this sector, but it is generally fine to sit facing this direction.

The above interpretations can be useful as a general guide. It is important to consider the basic fundamentals of the house trigram, and enhance its individual sectors elements. However, if house occupants are experiencing recurring issues, I would advise analysing in greater detail, the house or building flying star birth chart, as well as external and internal features. These can only be done by those who had undergone proper training & practices.

I wish all a Happy and Prosperous 2019.

- Master Koh