(Debate Magazine) Would you like to stay for pancakes...?

Starting with a long, slow warmup... she runs her tongue up and down... and licks gently... Lowering her head, she takes it further in... Tingles of pleasure rush through her... She brings it to the back of her throat, with her tongue still roaming... Slowly raising back up, she starts all over again... She bends over, and goes on for next 15 minutes —clearly demonstrating outstanding skills. She lubricates it to her satisfaction. She got increasingly breathless, but continues yearning for more. Emitting soft moans, she increases speed.

She feels a surge of warm liquid exploding in her mouth. Carelessly, she allows the thick and sticky load to leak, out of her mouth, and down onto her chin. What a big mouthful, she thought. Licking the last drops of sweetness until completely clean, she sits on the kitchen floor in post- orgasmic bliss. It all started with a plate of chocolaty pancakes, drizzled with white chocolate sauce.

Debate Magazine's Issue 10 was a highly anticipated issue with saucy stories, food porn, and literally, erotic fiction to accompany. Can you guess what the theme is already??? Yes, sex. I developed a breakfast recipe that is loaded with a combination of three aphrodisiac ingredients — chocolate, cayenne pepper, and strawberry — bound to spice things up!

Note from the editor, Julie Cleaver:

“I would just like to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE your first intro (the saucy one). Girl, if your award-winning celebrity chef career doesn’t work out (which it will), but if not, you should become a romance novel writer. You are so talented. Also the recipe, as usual, looks insanely delicious. I’m so impressed by your writing ability, photography skills and your creations! Love everything you do, thanks Melissa :)”