(Debate Magazine) Egg-thical issues

For Debate Magazine's 'Ethics' issue, I photographed and styled a classic Eggs Benedict recipe to raise awareness of ethical issues within the food industry.

With global issues threatening the environment, species, and humanity, the concept of ethical consumption is gaining eminence worldwide. Guided by personal moral values and conscience, ethical consumption is wide-ranging. Ethical concerns include: treatment of livestock and animal welfare; humane treatment of labour; dichotomy between the hungry and wasted food surplus; agricultural use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides; health risks of genetically engineered food; preserving biodiversity; supporting local producers; traceability; and fair trade. These concerns are increasingly influencing the choices and actions of people within food industries, including food producers, culinary professionals, and consumers like you and I.

With modern lifestyles widening the gap between nature and us, we may become less inclined to protect it. However, it is important to realise that our choices have significant impacts on the environment we live in. By making conscious choices, we also benefit from healthier and better quality food. As consumers, we can articulate our concerns through actions —we are essentially voting and generating demand for the kind of world we want, based on where we spend our money.