(Debate Magazine) 'Five Senses'

I developed a vegan recipe for Debate Magazine's 'Five Senses' issue to exemplify that meatless dishes can be equally enticing and delicious, involving a multi-sensory experience.

To be honest, I never understood the rationales behind veganism. I was born into a world where meat is a staple protein source. Also, hating veggies as a child made matters worse. Sociology studies helped me understand the underlying ideologies behind food consumption, and discrimination. The way meat eaters hate on vegans, and even the other way round, can be explained by drawing on the concept of ethnocentrism (believing one's culture is superior than others). Simply, people believe their food choices are superior. However, there is no right or wrong --what you consume is your choice! Additionally, vegan haters should be aware that for some vegans, their food choices are based on ethical and environmental reasons --it is not always about animal cruelty, although it can be. Animal agriculture is resource-intensive and a big contributor to carbon emissions --leading to global warming. On top of that, the huge amounts of water used to feed livestock can be put to better use, such as producing ten times more plant-based food that are equally, if not more, nutritious, to feed even more people. By the way, there are numerous plants that contain proteins!

Although I am not vegan, I thought it would be helpful for fellow meat eaters to understand why vegans are great stewards of the environment promoting sustainability.